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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diesel Perfumes –Wild Fragrances for Active Women

Diesel is one of the most innovative and daring perfume designers. Intriguing fragrances are captured inside of some daring perfume bottles which make me sniff them over and over again.

Because I consider Diesel to be on the top of my favorite perfume designers list, I have came up with a list of the best Diesel fragrances I’m sure you will enjoy.

I was truly captured by the smell of Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited that was released in 2008. The combination of bergamot and lemon comes in contrast with the white flowers notes in the end. This is one sexy perfume that needs to be worn confident attitude.

Next on my list in one controversial perfume called Diesel Green Feminine. The fragrance has an unconventional aroma you will either love or hate. The ‘weird’ combination of lime, carnation, cinnamon and rose ends with musky - vanilla - cedar notes to create a complex, yet somehow masculine fragrance. It is suitable for active women.

Plus Plus Feminine is an oriental floral perfume with a soft and creamy hint of vanilla base. This perfume was released in 2004. It is perfect as a gift for lovely young ladies or romantic women.

The next perfume is suitable for gourmand fragrance lovers. Diesel Zero Plus Feminine is rich scent that combines fruits – pineapple, red apple, and bitter orange – with floral notes – magnolia, iris, orchid, lily-of-the-valley and Moroccan rose – and a series of powerful aromatic notes like white musk, amber, vanilla, and cinnamon. It’s the perfect perfume for the seductress inside you.

The last perfume that captivated my nose is Fuel for Life Summer, a fragrance released this year. The limited pink edition is a lovely combination of musk, jasmine, black currant, and delicate rose. It is suitable for warm weather and for carrying it with you in your purse while you enjoy your vacation.

Compare and research designer fragrances.

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