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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hotlicious Fragrances

There are moments in life when we have to make important decisions. But for fashionistas every day comes with a challenge: What should I wear today to be hip and feel sexy? Trends are changing, but good fragrances can last for years on a perfumery’s shelves. That is why you need to learn to detect the in aromas that can be worn in clubs for at least two years from now – this way you will not be forced to buy a new fragrance every month.

Hot Always by Bond No. 9 is a green sensual perfume for bold women. It has a spicy start that will make men go crazy. Wear it on your night out with the girls and you will not regret it!

Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren is more a hotlicious fragrance for teenagers. Its yummy aroma is a combination of creamy dessert and spicy cinnamon. I think it is suitable for the Lolita type of women – ingenuous, childish, yet provocative.

Very Sexy by Victoria Secret is my suggestion for club wear. This oriental, floral fragrance will be a hit on the dance floor. The fascinating aroma is a blend of cactus flower, pepper, clementine, floral notes like camellia, mimosa and vanilla orchid. It dries out with a wood – musky combination.

Hot Eau De Toilette Spray by Benetton is a unisex perfume, perfect for casual wear. Its citrusy aroma makes it perfect for a walk on the beach with your new lover.

When it comes to being hot, men shouldn’t be left outside. Hot Water by Davidoff is a dandyish oriental aroma. The red bottle hides notes like red basil, greenish absinthe and hot pimento. Hot Water is exclusively created for confident men.

Compare and research hot perfumes before you make your next purchase.

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